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Another dead body on the floor
Another innocent is gone

I can’t close my eyes
My empathy is extinguished like a smothered fire

I’m so sick of this (so sick of this)

I can watch and block any atrocity
I’ll project in you the rage I couldn’t freeze

Jaded inside, so jaded
with no remorse

Indifference gives me relief
A broken heart can’t be deceived

Insensitivity taking control over me
Eyes on the TV feeling no sympathy, yeah!
Technology feeding us with empty hope
Society living in a broken world

Jaded inside, so jaded
You’re left with cold blood
Jaded inside, so jaded
with no remorse


I should be God to pray for us and save you all
I should be God, but I’m not!

I should be God, rule this hole
and stop the plague from spreading

Du musst weitergehen
Wir sind zusammen
Du bist nicht allein
Ich bin nicht allein

Can you see the pain I keep inside?
Feel the fallout
The sky is now underground

I’m trying to fight
back what you all have destroyed
Forget about the past, now it’s all gone
Anyone can find it hard to survive

Mein Körper kann mehr vertragen
Mein Geist Verstand kann sein, was ich will

I should be God to pray for us and save you all…


I will destroy your world…

I’ve destroyed your world today
I’ve destroyed your home

We live in hiding
We die in fear
Trust me, the end is near

Feel the call
This world is not a broken toy for your resume
Our fate seems to be upside down!

Save me from all these lies
and help me to read the signs

I imagined something different
(It’s very hard to be in this situation)
I never thought I’d want to turn away
(We’re sinking deeper with every step)
You say everything will work out, but how?

Hold my rope and save me from all these lies
and help me to read the signs


I will make my deep desire turn your world upside down
I wish to own your soul, so run

You know you couldn’t stand me
You spoiled everything
At night in your nightmares
I try to ease my pain

Tell me how does it feel when your blood is different
My head’s on the ground so you can put your feet

Come out and hide, come out and hide, you coward!
Come out to die, come out to die alone

Du denkst, ich werde aufgeben
Aber du liegst so falsch
Ich werde nie knien
Und schon gar nichts vor dir

Du sitzt auf deinem Thron
du bist unbesiegbar
Du denkst, die Welt gehört dir
um dir nein zu sagen


Fighting your own insanity
Alright friend, you know I will let you in
Defy reality

It’s only you!!

I woke up today feeling lost and strange
Voices tell me what to say

All memories have been forgotten
There are blank pages in my mind
Sometimes I suffer but I feel nothing
Sometimes I see but I’m still blind

And all the way, I believed my fate was in these hands,
casting my fears away

I can entertain you
You’ll never feel the same
Your thoughts were never in your brain

Dead inside…

And all the way, I believed my fate was in these hands,
casting my fears away
But now I see that everything around me is turning black
I must be born again…



They’ll never have the right to desire

Komm mit mir, Ja, hier ist elend
Komm mit mir, Ja, iss vom mühl
Komm mit mir, Kämpfe für dein leben
Komm mit mir, Willkommen in Bangladesh

Nein! kein Teil davon sein!
Ich habe keine lust
Dirt and death are my companions
in the land of dust and sorrow

Wo mein Geist keine Folter fühlen musst

Come with me and try to breathe
before your lungs collapse
and come and see the river flow,
where no one dares to wet their mouth

Stop thinking,
open your lungs
and break the silence!


I got to heal myself…

Give me some fresh news
Sway my crooked views
Believers emerge
Hiding from the truth

Manipulate my reality
Distorted facts is what I need

There’s something in my arms
I can feel it entering my veins
God please! Give me more
I will swallow any bullshit

My pride is always growing
My pride controls me like a doll

A world full of screens
Where lies interfere
They’ll take what’s not real
Erase fears within

Drown out the noise
Don’t let the fool invade your thoughts
Embrace the truth and question what you see



Tic-Tac, Tic-Tac

Wach auf! Wach auf!

Take me to the moon so that I can freeze my sad life
Take me to the hole so I can explore the void

Take a look in my backpack
It’s old and filled with my best rhymes
You can take out the good times
and put inside what’s left of my faint pride

Die Zukunft liegt in dir
Die Wahl liegt bei dir
Sklaven zu sein…
Die Zukunft liegt in dir
die Wahl liegt bei dir
Wir können nicht frei sein

Let me breathe, I’m falling to pieces
It’s you! Only you can take control of your present

(Wach auf! Wach auf!) wir wollen freiheit
(Wach auf! Wach auf!) wir wollen
(Wach auf! Wach auf!) wir wollen zeit

This shit is corrupting everything in my head!
This shit is coming through my eyes!

Tic-Tac, the time’s gone…

Ich kann nicht frei sein
Keine Zeit
Ich will nicht frei sein
Keine Zeit


Burn baby, burn baby!

Rivers run dry while oceans ride so high
Shadows now gather and day turns into night

As fire rage and oceans rise,
get ready for the final fight

This is the end of the world,
we’re standing on edge
We hear the echoes of fate,
slipping away
The clock is ticking the countdown,
we can’t turn a blind eye/to this

Flames of greed, they dance across the land
The price we pay for our careless mark

In a world so fragile
The signs are very clear
This is the end, a cry in the dark
But together we’ll rise
In a world so fragile
The signs are very clear
This is the end, our planet weeps
But through chaos, we’ll rise

Ich weiss, dass ich böser bin, das bin ich
Ich bin einzigartig, das bin ich
Ja, ich mag es!


[You lose… Continue… 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… GAME OVER]


Keine Liebe zu dir
du warst alles für mich
ich kann dein Gesicht nicht mehr sehen

Ja, du bist ein Zug, der kein Ziel hat
weißt du? Für mich kannst du den Horizont ansteuern
(du hast mich nie gesehen)

Don’t make me crawl through the ruins of our madness
Don’t bring me down with the shadows of something dead


Ich hasse dich… und ich liebe dich

Inside your eyes I can’t find my reflection
I won’t deny I long for your salvation
(You want to stay close to me but you don’t read my eyes and…
you want to stay close to me but you can’t understand me)

keine Liebe für mich
es war alles für dich
Du kannst mein Gesicht nicht mehr sehen

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