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Mind Driller is an industrial metal musical project that emerged in 2011 from the hands of guitarist Javier Oriente (a member of the groups Blood, Hasswut and Stoneheads).

The musical style of “Mind Driller” is defined as a varied and powerful industrial metal base that, unlike other bands of the same genre, has three vocalists. The languages ​​used have been mainly Spanish, English and German.

At first this work was not intended for the stage but after the positive reception it was decided to take it live, having a very positive response, due to its versatility of voices, its sound and its staging.

At the end of 2012, the first full-length album called “Red Industrial” went on sale under the label “Mutant-e Records”. This first album was recorded and produced by the band itself and later it is remastered in the “Mastersound” studios (Germany) by Alexander Krull (Atrocity and Leaves ’Eyes). From this first job the band made a tour named “Red Industrial Tour” performing in the main cities of Spain, even on a date in France.

In mid-2015 their second album, Zirkus, came to light, which is remastered by Alexander Krull, and of which the group made a very extensive tour with dates in Spain and Germany. At the beginning of the «Zirkus Tour» tour, due to disagreements between the band and Carlos Esteve Mas, Mind Driller’s drummer to date, they decided to take different paths. It is then that the band incorporates their new drummer, Jordi, who will cover practically the entire Zirkus tour. This album was presented for the first time live at the Rock Am Stück Festival, in Fritzlar (Germany), and in Frankfurt, and ended its tour at the Full Metal Holiday festival, in Mallorca, in October 2018 (officially the tour ended at end of December 2017 in Dénia)

Months before the end of the Zirkus tour, Jordi warns of his decision to leave the training due to work incompatibility, and it is then, when Reimon is partially incorporated to the drums, who performed with the band on isolated dates alternated with Jordi, until finally Jordi leaves the band for good, and that’s when Reimon officially leads the drums.

In 2019, his third work came out, entitled “Involution”, which is produced by Mind Driller and Raúl Abellán, mixed by Raúl Abellán and mastered by Marco D’Agostino, under the label “Art Gates Records”.

With this third album, the band embarks on an extensive national and European tour, opening for groups like “Oomph!” nationwide in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and in turn, in the German cities of Olpe, Krefeld and Osnabrück.

In addition, the band manages to take its live to the great Spanish festivals (Leyendas del Rock, Resurrection Fest, Rock Fest and Rock the Night) among others, repeating the date at the German Rock Am Stück festival, as well as Andorra and France.

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